Civil and Criminal Services has seasoned investigators who specialize in Criminal Investigations, Personal Injury Investigations, Corporate Investigations and Use of Force and Police Procedures. You want the best representation from your attorney and the only way they can do that is if they have all the facts from a competent, professional investigation.

Our investigators are licensed with the state of Colorado and have acquired their skills by working and investigating all types of cases during their law enforcement careers.

Whatever your investigative needs are we can provide the level of experience and expertise required to handle your needs. Any investigation outside of the Denver Metro Area including Ft.Collins, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, an additional fee for lodging and travel expenses will be added. Cost is subject to actual expenses incurred plus investigation fees.

Criminal Investigations

Civil & Criminal Services InvestigatorCriminal investigations either implicate or exonerate you. The prosecution will have seasoned investigators and you should too.  Our investigators are very knowledgeable of law enforcement techniques and are experienced with courtroom testimony.

When your freedom is on the line you want someone who has experience with all types of cases; ranging from homicides down to petty offenses,  courtroom testimony, and someone who not only investigated but managed law enforcement investigations.

Personal Injury Investigations

In personal Injury cases you want an investigator who is professional, skilled, and articulate to convey what occurred and causation. Uncovering the truth about what really happened can make the difference between winning and losing a case against the insurance company or another party. It can be very valuable to have all the evidence to prove who is liable in an accident.

Corporate Investigations

A proper investigation reconstructs the events as they happened and provides an unbiased account for a third party. We are knowledgeable in human resource issues and employee rights. We can provide:

  • Background Investigations
  • Workman's Compensation Investigations
  • Internal Investigations
  • Employee Theft
  • Violence in the Workplace

Case Consultation

There has recently been quite a bit of attention being given to law enforcement and the application of the use of force. Our Founder is a former use of force instructor and was a command level police officer from 2001 to 2006. In 2006 he was promoted to Chief of Police. He has reviewed countless reports on use of force matters, written policies regarding the use of force and has taught and managed other instructors in this area. This wealth of knowledge is extremely valuable if you are dealing with a use of force matter.

Going hand in hand with use of force is police procedures. Were the officer's actions reasonable? Are they consistent with departmental policy and applicable case law? These are important factors in cases involving law enforcement. Contact us now for a case consultation.